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1500W Pure Sine Wave DC-AC Inverter
14 May, 2020
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1000W Pure Sine Wave DC-AC Inverter

Model: PS1000-XXX

Power: 1000W Pure Sine Wave


  • Pure Sine Wave output(THD<3%)
  • Peak Power: 2000W
  • Isolated LED digital color screen: Automatic page turning display, manual page turning display, Battery power % ratio, Battery voltage, AC voltage,AC power
  • Intelligent cooling fan
  • Protection: Low voltage alarm, Low voltage cutoff, Over voltage, Over temperature, AC Overload,AC Output short circuit
  • Application:Household appliance,Power tools,Automobile,Office and portable equipment,Yacht,etc
Model PS1000-1222 PS1000-2422 PS1000-4822
PS1000-1211 PS1000-2411 PS1000-4811
Output Rated power 1000W
Peak power 2000W
AC Voltage 110VAC / 220VAC
Frequency(Hz) 50Hz / 60Hz ±0.5Hz
Wave Form Under rated power,pure sine wave(THD<3%)
Panel LED show (Intelligent digital display) Power % ratio, battery voltage, AC voltage, AC power
Input Battery Voltage 12V 24V 48V
Voltage Rrange DC10-15V DC20-30V DC40-60V
DC  Current 100A 50A 25A
No load Current Draw ≤0.55A ≤0.28A ≤0.14A
Efficiency 90% 91% 92%
Battery Voltage Open&sealed lead-acid battery(Customized lithium battery parameter )
Battery Input Protection Internal Fuse 40A*4 20A*4 10A*4
Low voltage alarm 11V±4% 22V±4% 44V±4%
Low voltage cutoff 10V±4% 20V±4% 40V±4%
Battery reverse polarity protection Fuse down
Output Protection Over temperature protection Temperature over 70℃±3℃,output stop ,Buzzer sound 5 times every 1sec,solid red light
Temperature under 60℃±5℃,Automatic Recovery
Overload protection 120%~150% rated load,alarm 10sec and turnoff, resetting switching automatic recovery
150% rated load over 2sec turn off,resetting switching automatic recovery
Short circuit protection (Automatic Recovery)turn off output volatge,remove loads,Automatic Recovery
Environment Working temperature 0℃~+40℃@100% rated power load
Working humidity 30%~90% RH, No condensation
Storage temperature&Humidity ﹣30℃ ~ +70℃
Vibretion resistance 10~500HZ 2G 10min/cycle,X、Y、Z axis 60min respectively
Cooling method Fan cooling is regulated by load regulation and internal thermostat
Satety & EMC Safety specification Conforming to standards CE ROSE
Breakdown test Bat-PG:500VAC     Bat-AC:1.5KVAC     AC-FG:1.5KVAC
Insulation Resistance Bat-PG,AC -FG:100M Ohms/500VDC/25℃/70%RH
Package Product size Motherboard size(33cm×18cm×6.9cm)

Shell size(28cm×18cm×6.9cm)

Product N.W. 2.6kg
Inner box size 36cm×21.5cm×10.5cm
Outer box size 46.1cm×39.7cm×24.5cm
Piece/Carton 4piece/CTN
Gross weight 12.4kg

1. Efficiency test: AC regulation and THD are tested by 60% rated power linear load at (12.8V /25.6V /51.2V) input voltage

2. All parameters not specified above are measured at rated load, 25℃ ambient Temperature

3. Output derating curve refer Figure1(Base on environment temperature)

4. Output derating curve refer Figure 2(Base on battery voltage)


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